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Atelier Holthinrichs

Atelier holthinrichs

Architecture & The Ornament

Great architects like Victor Horta, Eileen Gray, Robert Mallet Stevens and Dutch architects Michiel Brinkman, Leendert van der Vlugt and Willem Dudok showed him they were capable of using their exceptional sense for spatial composition, materials and craftsmanship to create pure art, even within the smallest details

Michiel developed an obsession for detailing and for the artistic expression and craftsmanship found in the ornament. But where in modern architecture there is a constant debate about the legitimacy of the ornament as an added aesthetical element of artistic or symbolic expression, watches are all about that.

The Holthinrichs Watches are named after the ornament, for it does to the wrist of the wearer the same as beautiful ornaments on a building: It is a small but powerful expression of the sophistication of a developed taste, with a strong impact on the whole of the appearance.

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