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Atelier Holthinrichs

Atelier holthinrichs

The art of watchmaking

Already for centuries watchmaking has been about applied arts. Carefully calculated parts were crafted with extreme precision and placed into aesthetical compositions. Even in early times, when the owner would not be able to see the movement in favour of dust and water protection, the finishing, architecture and decoration of the movement was of extreme importance next to the quality of timekeeping, because it was in these aspects inwhich the maker could show his skill and dedication.

After having seen a such a mechanical watch movement for the first time Michiel immediately developed a strong urge to collect and repair watches. Over the years he invested all his earnings to be able to restore and acquire watches ranging from early 20th century trench watches to mid-century chronographs and seventies design classics.

It was his extensive collection and architectural background which gave him the inspiration and technical insight of how to create a watch according to what he respects and values so much: design, technology and craftsmanship.

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