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You can be an exclusive owner of the Ornament 1 Ruthenium of Satin Silver for € 3749,00 including VAT (21% VAT will be excluded for transfers outside of the European Union), excluding optional customisations.

Our clients expect and deserve the best, but will also ask for your commitment as Holthinrichs Watches will have to charge 50% in advance in order to start the production of your watch. The remaining 50% will be met just before the delivery. At the moment, it will take about three to six weeks time to manufacture, finish and check the watch, and to get it ready for delivery.

As an exclusive client of Holthinrichs Watches we ask for your trust and patience, and in return we will make the best watch we possible can. You will be informed and updated about each step in the making of your Holthinrichs Watch.

*updated the 22 June 2017