Aftersales & Warranty

All watches of Holthinrichs Watches are made with an exceptional amount of passion and personal care from the design and manufacturing, all the way to the delivery. Our passion is what drives us, and what makes our timepieces. This is what makes us so proud of our products. We hope and expect our clients to take an equal pride in wearing the watch, and to take care of the watch in their turn. 


After the date of purchase there is a two years warranty on mechanical damage that is not caused by the user. This includes all unforeseen mechanical defects making the watch no longer functioning properly. It does not include wear or damage through accidents or abusive usage, or complimentary items such as the strap, the box and accessories. Our watches are handmade and often shipped over long distances. Although we do our utmost best to deliver the most satisfying results, we cannot guarantee no issues occur. Therefore we take care of warranty issues the best possible way. Please reach out to us in case of warranty issues. 


Our timepieces are made for generations, but just like any mechanical machine your watch's movement needs regular  maintenance to ensure durability.  Kinetic parts need cleaning, relubrication and control on mechanical wear once every five years maximum. We offer a certified full service in our atelier to keep your watch in good condition.  

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