Bursting in from outer space


Bursting in from outer space, METEORITE comes in more rough around the edges and sporty than its elegant AVENTURINE sibling. METEORITE offers a whole new and dynamic take on the sport watch concept. The precious meteorite dial and skeletonized case with selective raw details propose a clear link to the Holthinrichs brand's design concept of “Horlogerie Brut”, showcasing the intrinsic beauty of textures directly derived from nature and the chosen manufacturing methods.

DECON case

The side of the case fully reveals its skeleton monocoque construction, only achievable with 3D printing technology. It features the Holthinrichs signature and refined details like optically detached lugs, only connected to the case body by invisible micro-joints. The skeleton design makes the watch ultralight and comfortable to wear, weighing only 20 grams in total excluding the strap.

Rubber Strap

METEORITE comes with an integrated PU strap expressly developed for this sporty timepiece. It is produced in collaboration with an innovative company in Switzerland using 3D printed casts and 3D printed inserts to enable small series and high-quality production in a wide range of bespoke colours and transparencies. Upon request, the straps are offered in a solid color, or semi-translucent, exposing the internal structures that make the strap strong and durable.

Contrasting finishing

The DECONSTRUCTED case is fully hand-finished by our specialists to achieve its powerful appeal. Selective surfaces like the bezel and the lugs are manually brushed using emery sticks, while the more recessed surfaces fully showcase the textures derived from the ultra-modern 3D printing process. Highlighting the possibilities of the technology through its  fascinating details and intrinsic beauty of the manufacturing process. It takes about 15 hours to manually finish the case.

Muonionalusta meteorite dial

We made the meteorite dial out of Muonionalusta, a fine Octahedrite iron meteorite forming a beautiful so-called Widmanstatten pattern. Muonionalusta is the oldest known meteorite to have impacted the Earth.

Powerful baton shaped indices

Twelve slim and gently sloped baton-shaped indices (key elements in the DECONSTRUCTED line) are designed to guide the viewer's gaze towards the centre into a seemingly infinite space.

Openworked seconds counter

We opened the sub-second counter to reveal the kinetics of the mechanical movement. Emphasizes the dynamic and sporty character of the timepiece.

Handmade hands

The hands of our DECONSTRUCTED series are designed to reflect the finishing of the case: a sharp sword shape style, open-worked and prominent handmade anglage. To give them a strong presence we cut them out of extra thick corrosion-resistant spring steel.

METEORITE expresses a sleek design with an openworked subseconds counter that offers a glimpse into the functioning and kinetic motion of the movement, and our attention to finishing. The dial is made out of a thin slice of Muonionalusta meteorite, the oldest known meteorite to have impacted the earth. This alien material is not only the perfect way to complement the unprecedented aerospace-like exoskeleton case structures presented in the DECONSTRUCTED line, it also expresses the dynamic character of the sports watch in the most epic way.

Muonionalusta meteorite

The meteorite dial is made out of Muonionalusta, discovered in 1906 in Scandinavia and named after the eponymous village nearby. With its approximate age of 4.56 billion years, it is the oldest known meteorite to have impacted the Earth. The meteorite is categorized as a type of fine Octahedrite iron meteorite. This type is recognizable by its bands of interleaving kamacite and taenite (iron-nickel alloys), forming the beautiful Widmanstatten pattern—a crystallized structure formed by billions of years of cooling of particles from asteroids.

Hand-finished HW-M01 movement

With the DECONSTRUCTED series we are bound to take movement component manufacturing and finishing to the next level. The caliber HW-M01 is 50% made in-house and based on an improved Peseux 7001 architecture. Research and development into the movement and manufacturing were already initiated in 2017 and resulted in a caliber which is simple in its functioning, but constructed for higher stiffness and improved timekeeping. Its bridges are made out of German silver. A material which is beautiful when left uncoated, but also offering a fine base for manual finishing and optional galvanic treatments.

The METEORITE HW-M01 features a hand-applied scraping pattern, giving it a more natural and materialistic expression, reflecting the texture of the meteorite on the dial. For both movements, Holthinrichs ensures that all components are meticulously finished and embellished with laser-etched details and a strongly manually applied anglage containing 11 hand-cut inward angles.

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Case Grade 5 titanium 3D printed DECON ultralight case (weighing less than 20 grams excluding the bracelet). Raw printed textures contrasted by hand-finished satin brushed surfaces.

Case Diameter 39mm.

Case Thickness 9.8mm including domed sapphire. 

Lug-to-lug 47mm.

Dial Meteorite with openworked subseconds counter and applied hand-finished baton numerals.

Hands Stainless steel laser-cut DECON shape brushed top surface and large handmade anglage.

Movement In-house HW-M01 and 50% Dutch made DECON manual movement, based on an improved Peseux 7001 architecture. Constructed for higher stiffness and improved timekeeping through inertia balance wheel. Top surfaces finished with scraping pattern to reflex the meteorite dial, finished with handmade anglage, cerclage on the gears, and polished click and click spring, screw-heads and countersinks.

Bracelet Integrated rubber DECON design (available in anthracite, orange, blue and green) with 3D printed Holthinrichs buckle. Size 20/16mm.

Availability 20 pieces.

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