Ornament 1 Delft Blue

The Dutch city of Delft is world famous for being the birthplace of painter Johannes Vermeer, refined hand-painted Delft Blue pottery, and the renowned Delft University of Technology, which is now widely praised for its focus on engineering, product design and architecture. If that is not enough, the town also has a strong historical link to our royal family, being the stronghold for William 1 of Orange during the eighties years of war. From here he led the Dutch uprising against Carl V of Spain, which eventually led to our independence in 1648. Ever Since all royal family members are buried in the New Church on the market square in the city centre of Delft.

Delft’s impressive timekeeping history.

Although not commonly known, Delft also has an impressive history related to timekeeping. Although the world's oldest functioning clock is located in the Cathedral of Salisbury, England, it was actually built by three clockmakers from Delft who were commissioned to construct it. The clock was completed in 1386 and is based on a so-called verge escapement. Despite its impressive age, it still has a remarkably high precision and keeps time within two minutes per week. 

About three centuries later, in 1656, famous mathematician, astronomer, physicist and horologist Christiaan Huygens (born in The Hague at only about 15 kilometres from Delft) invented the pendulum system. From then on precision in timekeeping could improve dramatically, making the mediaeval verge escapement obsolete. Only a few years later, in 1660, Delft clockmaker Coenraad Harmensz Brouckman was appointed to create a new clock for the Delft city hall. The short time in between the invention and the clock’s development, and the short distance to The Hague must have had an effect on the design. Remarkably this clock was designed from the ground up to make use of the pendulum escapement, making it possibly the oldest tower clock with an integrally designed pendulum system.

Delft Blue inspired dial

Because we are proud to have our origins in Delft, we want to celebrate the long established and impressive tradition of timekeeping, design and craftsmanship of the town. Therefore we introduce the Ornament 1 - Delft Blue, featuring a Delft Blue inspired dial inside a customisable 3D printed case and a fully hand-engraved movement.

To realise the thin and ultra bright white base for the dial we use a labour intensive Japanese white lacquer process. Layer per layer lacquer is manually applied and polished to obtain a deep shine and optical flow reflecting to the surfaces and shapes found in traditional Delft Blue pottery. The process is so difficult and delicate that only one out of twelve dials survive quality control. When the lacquer has cured and had its final polishing, our signature design marker ring is applied by pad-printing in a deep blue colour.

Hand-engraved movement

To reflect the artisanal approach of the handmade dial, and to emphasise the special meaning of this watch and the history it refers to, each Ornament 1 - Delft Blue timepiece is intended to offer something of higher, personal value to the person wearing it. We decided to embellish the complete movement with hand-engravings, conducted by our friend and only Dutch engraver who dedicated himself to work on these delicate mechanisms.  Handmade engravings are characterised by their gracefully curved shapes and striking glossy cutting lines, and therefore a token of craftsmanship and manual decoration. A tradition we would like to support to be passed on to next generations. 

We have the exceptional ability to offer you this unique and very elegant finishing made to your specifications. Based on your input engravings can vary from personal texts up to full engravings based on a personal theme, a personal idea or a beloved pattern. 

3D printed 18K gold

After thorough testing together with our British precious metal specialist we presented our first solid gold Ornament 1 in 2018. It was a world premier, being the first timepiece in 3D printed solid gold successfully launched on the watch market. The execution of the case in rose gold 5N made the Ornament 1 our most stylish dress watch. With this watch, you clearly show a distinctive taste and a deep understanding and appreciation of technology and the pioneering spirit behind it.

Timepiece Ornament 1 Delft Blue 38mm Ornament 1 Delft Blue 36mm Breguet
Material Stainless Steel / 18k Rose Gold / 750 Platinum
Finish 3D printed and high-gloss polished by hand
Diameter 38mm 36mm
Thickness 7.4mm
+ Crystal 9.9mm
Lug to lug 47mm
Material White Lacquer Handmade
Pad-print Delft Blue
Design Signature Heat-blued leaf hands
Material Stainless steel, micro laser-cut and etched, handmade anglage
Caliber HW-R01, base Peseux
Plating White Rhodium / Black Rhodium / 14k Pale Gold / 18k Pink Gold
Finishing Frosted finish, handmade engravings on the bridges with handmade anglage, snailing pattern on the ratchet wheel and polished screws
Material Leather, handmade in Germany or Italy

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