RAW Ornament - Bronze

The RAW Bronze model goes to the maximal extent of “Horlogerie Brut” by introducing patina, extreme material textures and the physical expression of the notion of time. The case is made out of solid bronze with hand-polished details, which will evolve with the wearer of the watch. The dial is made out of pure copper with a forced patina to get a natural green colour.

Each watch tells a unique story

We fully embrace the fact that every part of the watch will ‘live’ and change continuously. Patina builds up naturally and cannot be fully controlled. There is no perfect version, and each watch is unique and tells a personal story as the watch will continue to live and change throughout its life. The notion of time and the story of its owner are captured in this design, and we love the uniqueness that is derived from these aspects. 

A complex handmade dial

Capturing and expressing time and natural decay is integrated into every aspect of the RAW Ornament - Bronze. Making the dial is an extremely delicate and long process which took us a year to master. The base plate is made out of copper which has been taken through a complex process of surface texturing and building up patina repeatedly. The numerals are laser-cut and brushed to have a contrasting surface texture. Directly near the embossings one can find the beautiful coloured patina that adds an extra romantic detail to the numerals. The final step in the process is the cutting of the bevel along the subdial. A dangerous task, if done wrong it can easily destroy many hours of work needed to get to this point.

Lively handmade hands

The hands are cut out of solid copper and shaped and finished by hand using traditional methods. The seconds hand is fully polished, while the hour and minute hands feature contrasting finishing to reflect the case and movement. Hand-polished bevels and a brushed top surface will cause a selective colouration over time and therefore result in extra optical depth.

Skeleton Movement HW-S01

Even the movement, which we regard as the hidden treasure in this watch, is copper-plated to embrace the time having impact on it. The exquisite finishing includes black-polishing of steel parts, perlage, snailing and an extensive anglage with 40 inward angles that takes over 100 hours of manual work underneath the microscope to realise. Paradoxically to the meticulous finishing the copper allows for a gradual build up of patina, though in a very controlled way, adding romance while not harming the movement. The ultimate form of “Horlogerie Brut”!

Price excluding VAT: €18.800,00 

Case material: 3D printed bronze with selectively hand-polished details

Case Diameter: 38 mm 

Case Thickness: 7.4 mm 

Thickness including crystal: 9.9 mm 

Lug to Lug: 47 mm 

Dial: Handmade patinated copper with sunburst pattern

Hands: Handmade copper with anglage 

Movement: HW-S01A, base Peseux with Holthinrichs Watches signature skeletonized bridges, HW click and click spring and extensive anglage including 40 inward angles, blackpolished screws, crown wheel core, click and click spring. 

Strap: Handmade green nubuck.

Availability: Only 10 pieces available in 2023

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RAW Ornament Bronze
18800,-- (ex. VAT)


  • Copper Patina
  • RAW Bronze Breguet

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