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The SIGNATURE LAB Series is a special branch within the SIGNATURE series. The LAB Series stands for innovation, and fargoing experimental extravagance. A series through which we push boundaries in both technology and craftsmanship to create expressive timepieces like you have never seen before.

Now introducing the first series limited to 30 pieces.

Each watch tells a unique story

In the SIGNATURE LAB Series, we utilize intricate and hard-to-manufacture 3D-printed case structures and handcrafted components. The production of each model demands a significant amount of time and, as a result, they are only available in small numbers. LAB Series models are therefore always rare and collectable.

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“LAB Series 1 is a raw and expressive timepiece. A watch which makes a statement, and defies the norms in traditional watchmaking.”

Handmade patina dial

LAB Series 1 dial is made in-house by hand. The domed shape is crafted out of a solid piece of metal, with a powerful central sunburst pattern carved into the dial. The textures and finishing follow our design philosophy: Horlogerie Brut. A copper patina is applied manually through a specific in-house manufacturing process that we spent two years mastering and refining when we developed the RAW Ornament Bronze. The result is expressive in both color and texture, with a spread that is always unique due to the natural oxidation process.

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Extreme design with 3D printing

With SIGNATURE LAB Series, we continue to innovate and push the boundaries of 3D manufacturing of watch cases. We draw upon our extensive knowledge of 3D manufacturing to optimize metal printing for spectacular structural designs. Just like in SIGNATURE ORNAMENT, LAB Series features elegant lugs which are disconnected from the main case body, resulting in a light and spatial design. For LAB Series we went even further by creating unprecedented thin, skeleton lugs. We went so far that we almost got uncomfortable by the structural integrity of the whole. However, the aesthetic appearance is misleading for the actual physical properties of the tough titanium. As a result, the model ventures paths no other design has yet crossed. LAB Series features the thinnest lug construction ever seen in the watch industry.

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Patinated inside the movement

Especially for the LAB Series 1, we created a unique carved and patinated rotor to mimic the spirit of the dial into the movement. The rotor is in-house made and features a layer of heat-treated patina for which we developed a controlled process that is safe to implement into a delicate movement. If the rotor itself is not exceptional enough, the separate tungsten weight is scraped and heat treated to obtain beautiful subtle blue and purple color tones.

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An outrageous strap choice

LAB Series 1 features an outrageous extravagant trap, and we love it! Together with our strapmaker we selected a material that fully complements all the textures and liveliness of the watch itself. At first sight one might think it is some kind of snake skin, however this material is sourced much more responsibly and much more closeby. Brushed, oiled and processed by hand it even feels much softer. Ever heard of Rooster feet leather? You will not see a watch strap made out of this material soon after.

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Horlogerie Brut

Our design philosophy of “Horlogerie Brut” means we work with pure metals and create durable colors using galvanic plating, anodization or natural patinas. We take great pride in developing dials with unique designs, outside the box materials and expressive textures.

It is inspired by famous architect Le Corbusier’s concept of “Béton Brut” or “Raw Concrete”. It stands for the use of pure materials, showcasing textural play and color expressions derived from the natural properties of these materials and the unique manufacturing processes.

Timepiece SIGNATURE LAB Series 1
Material 3D Printed Titanium Grade 5
Finish Grade 5 titanium with contrasting RAW and brushed finishing. Brand signature integrated in the crown of the watch.
Diameter 38.5mm
Thickness 7.8mm
+ Crystal 9.85mm
Lug to lug 46mm
Material In-house made metal base with sunburst engraving and copper patina.
Pad-print White pad-printed logo
Design SIGNATURE shape
Material Nickel plated base metal
Caliber Modified Sellita SW-300
Plating White rhodium
Finishing Top grade finish with our custom patinated rotor with scraping and heat treatment
Material Cognac rooster leg leather, 20mm lug width and 16mm taper

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