Our tribute to the heritage of the city of Delft

Signature Delft Blue

Heritage in the city of Delft

The Dutch city of Delft is world famous for being the birthplace of painter Johannes Vermeer, refined hand-painted Delft Blue pottery, and the renowned Delft University of Technology, which is now widely praised for its focus on engineering, product design and architecture. If that is not enough, the town also has a strong historical link to our royal family, being the stronghold for William 1 of Orange during the Eighty Years' War. From here, he led the Dutch uprising against Carl V of Spain. This eventually led to our independence in 1648. Ever since, all royal family members are buried in the New Church on the market square in the city center of Delft.

Delft’s impressive timekeeping history

Although not commonly known, Delft also has an impressive history related to timekeeping. Although the world's oldest functioning clock is located in the Cathedral of Salisbury, England, it was actually built by three clockmakers from Delft who were commissioned to construct it. The clock was completed in 1386 and is based on a so-called verge escapement. Despite its impressive age, it still has a remarkably high precision and keeps time within two minutes per week. 

About three centuries later, in 1656, famous mathematician, astronomer, physicist, and horologist Christiaan Huygens (born in The Hague at only about 15 kilometers from Delft) invented the pendulum system. From then on, precision in timekeeping could improve dramatically, making the medieval verge escapement obsolete. Only a few years later, in 1660, Delft clockmaker Coenraad Harmensz Brouckman was appointed to create a new clock for the Delft city hall. The short time in between the invention and the clock’s development, and the short distance to The Hague must have had an effect on the design. Remarkably, this clock was designed from the ground up to make use of the pendulum escapement, making it possibly the oldest tower clock with an integrally designed pendulum system.

Delft Blue inspired dial

We created the special SIGNATURE - Delft Blue edition to celebrate our intimate connection to Delft, and its impressive tradition of timekeeping, design and craftsmanship. This exceptional model has extra attention to detail and takes inspiration from our local tradition in pottery. We created a Delft Blue ceramic dial especially for this specific model, featuring a complex-to-realize thin and ultra bright domed white base topped off with crisp pad-printed Breguet inspired numerals in a deep blue color.

For this edition, we have chosen our in-house designed Breguet style font. These characters are signified by their almost continuous curves and therefore they perfectly complement the smooth lines of the case design. 

The Breguet style Arabic numeral font is the most iconic font in horology: the Breguet numerals introduced by Louis Abraham Breguet. Breguet was, besides a genius inventor, also the first person in horology to build a brand identity: he created a very clean and recognizable style that broke with the baroque traditions of the time.

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Unique rotor

For the SIGNATURE ORNAMENT Series we have specifically designed and developed an Art-Nouveau inspired rotor, to complement the watch design. It resembles the sunrise in a stylistic and elegant shape with smoothly sweeping lines. The curved faces are contrastes by the sharp diamond-cut chamfers.

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Material Titanium Grade 5
Finish Grade 5 titanium with contrasting RAW and brushed finishing. Brand signature integrated in the crown of the watch
Diameter 38.5mm
Thickness 7.8mm
+ Crystal 9.85mm
Lug to lug 46mm
Material White domed ceramic
Pad-print Our Breguet inspired numerals in Delft Blue ink
Design SIGNATURE shape
Material Brushed top surface, large diamond tooled anglage and blued finishing
Caliber Modified Sellita SW-300
Plating White rhodium
Finishing Top grade finish with custom rotor 18k rose gold plated, brushing, frosting and anglage
Material Ostrich 20mm lug width and 16mm taper

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