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The story

I have always been fascinated by beauty. It makes us feel good, and it sometimes surprises; while at the same time we cannot exactly clarify why this is. We cannot find exactly the right words to describe it, but we know instantly that it is “beauty”.

I want to create and master such beauty, in order to be able to have it always around me. That is my quest in life.

Holthinrichs Watches is the physical expression of this never-ending journey, in which I experiment with, and combine: attention to details, traditional craftsmanship and state of the art technology, using my sense for design to pursue making the intangible understanding of beauty tangible in my watches, and thereby to create and to elevate the sense of beauty and style I desire for myself. And if I can share this with others, then that would certainly make me feel good and give meaning to my life.

Michiel Holthinrichs.

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