A new craft in watchmaking

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A new craft in watchmaking

3D Printing

Although I respect and also implement traditional craftsmanship and finishing in my work, to a large extent, 3D metal printing is a key aspect within the larger design and production process. It permits the creation of highly specialised unprecedented designs in small series, and even permits the creation of unique and bespoke timepieces.

The specific concept of metal printing – adding material, rather than removing it – requires a new, unconventional way of thinking while designing. The designer has to understand the process in order to design adequately for it, with the potential to actually add to the existing library of well-known designs.

For me, 3D printing is not a gimmick. It is not something I want to do because it is something new and different.

There is no way to legitimate using such a complex and intensive production process without the intention of really using it for its abilities to move in a very original direction.

I see it as a massive opportunity to further develop design, and to be less limited in the creation of beauty.

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