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Holthinrichs inspiration

Architectural inspiration

As the son of an artist and an automotive engineer, I grew up in an inspiring reality of art and classic cars, which inevitably stimulated a strong imagination and a passion for both design and technology.

Through drawing and sketching I discovered my creativity and became intrigued by the power of lines, proportions and perspective.

Since my childhood, I wanted to become an architect, and so I went to study Architecture in Delft and in Paris, where I became heavily influenced by the sense of style and craftsmanship found in historical examples from Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco.

I developed an obsession for detailing and for the architectural ornament: objects in which the architect can show his sense of beauty through artistic expression and craftsmanship.

But while in modern architecture there is a constant debate about the legitimacy of the ornament as an added aesthetical element of artistic or symbolic expression, and almost no room for the abstract definition of beauty, I discovered through my personal watch collection that watches are all about these things, and that they are perhaps the most powerful objects through which one can express one’s style, values and personality.

This realization made me want to dedicate my life to designing and to making watches.

As a tribute to the architecture that inspires me so much, and to emphasize my motives and passion for both architecture watchmaking, my watches are named after the architectural ornament.

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