A hand winding movement

Each Holthinrichs Watches timepiece contains a mechanical movement that is driven by a spring. This spring needs to be wound by hand once every 24 hours on average. The spring is wound up by turning the crown clockwise until a noticeably greater resistance is felt. This is the moment that the spring is sufficiently tensioned. Pay attention, because too much force can cause damage to the watch. It is advisable to remove the watch from the wrist before winding the watch to avoid large lateral forces on the crown and the tip. 

A rattling noise can be heard when turning the crown counterclockwise. This is caused by the slippage of the winding wheel in the mechanism. This is deliberately made in this way, and has been developed to prevent damage to the timepiece. This has no negative effect on the movement of your watch.

Setting the time

The time of the watch can be adjusted by pulling the crown out and then turning it clockwise or counterclockwise.


Mechanical watches are, due to their mechanical nature, never as accurate as a quartz or digital watch. This is part of the charm of the mechanism.

Nevertheless, every effort is made to make your watch as accurate as possible, and only small deviations of a few seconds per day are tolerated. It may happen that a new watch has to be adjusted after one year to adjust it to your specific use and living environment. If necessary, contact Holthinrichs Watches for servicing.

water resistance

The timepiece is splash water resistant. This means that the watch is equipped with gaskets that protect the mechanism against dust and water. However contact and with water must be avoided as much as possible because the watertightness is not guaranteed.

Shock resistance

The mechanical movement is equipped with a Swiss anti-chock system, called ‘Incabloc’. This protects the fragile components of the escapement against shocks and bumps. However, the mechanism remains delicate and careful handling of the watch is therefore necessary.

Changing your strap

The straps we provide are not fitted with a quick release springbar. Springbars are parts that are typically outsourced, and there is simply no quick release version available on the market which has the quality we want for our watches. To make strap changing easy we provide a specific tool accompanied with your timepiece. With this tool you can easily change your strap by pushing the spring bar out from the outside of the skeletonized lug. To push the springbar out you can use the pin on one side of the springbar tool. 

Regular maintenance

It is advisable to have mechanical watches serviced once every three to five years to

guarantee a long life of your watch. With a service all parts are disassembled and checked for wear. Then the parts are cleaned, after which the whole is assembled and provided with new oils. Finally, the watch is tested for the correct accuracy.

Please contact Holthinrichs Watches to schedule a service for your timepiece.