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All watches have their production number (one out of 250 pieces ) 3D printed into the watch, but as an exclusive client of Holthinrichs Watches you might even want to have your name, the name of you beloved, or a remembrance to a very special date written on your watch. For these wishes Holthinrichs Watches offers you a unique way of customisation:

Your watch can exclusively be produced with your personal text fully integrated in the 3D printed case of the watch (up to 10 digits or letters).

Check out an example here.

Dial requests

Do you have special requests concerning the material, colour or design of the dial, even a bespoke dial could be discussed. Holthinrichs Watches will responsible for a unique design, fitting your needs, and the integrity of the brand.

It can take up to three months or more before your watch is finished, so it does take some time, and requires some patience, but you will have a watch of which you are certain it will be made expressively for you. During the process Holthinrichs Watches keeps you updated about every step in the process.

Pricing depends on the materials, and the complexity of the process.

Please contact Holthinrichs Watches for more information.

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