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Holthinrichs Watches

Production map

To ensure the quality of the watches is as high as possible Holthinrichs Watches keeps full control over the design and innovative production process. For this reason all collaborating production partners are chosen very carefully and within reasonable distance. All individuals involved in the process are personally known to the brand and are fully committed.

An overview of all activities:

1. The Netherlands:

- Design concept and technical development
- Production of the hands and their separate hubs
- Manual finishing of all components
- Unique and bespoke finishing of desired components
- Production of bespoke dials
- Watch assembly and quality control
- Aftersales services

2. Belgium

- Continuous research in 3D printing watch parts at production partner Materialise
- 3D printing in surgical steel
- Partial post-processing of watch cases

3. United Kingdom

- Research in production optimisation at partner Renishaw
18K gold printing of watch parts at partner Cookson Gold

4. Germany

- Production of our highest quality dials
- Production of handmade watch straps
- Production of watch glasses

5. Switzerland

- Production of mechanical quality movements

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