Holthinrichs Watches announcement:

Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament inquiries open until May 1, 2023.

Since 2013 we developed the Ornament 1 (2016) and RAW Ornament (2018). Revolutionary in their design and use of 3D metal printing technology. By using RAW 3D printed textures and fine artisan finishing within a unprecedented sculptural design we managed to establish a strong and distinctive design language within the market. Over the years our timepieces have reached a selective and enthusiastic crowd of pioneering collectors worldwide.

Now it is time for the next chapter. The Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament model lines are going to stop permanently to allow us to fully focus our creativity on new exciting developments for the future.

The Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament are still available for ordering until 01 May 2023.

We’d like to thank you and every single owner and supporter of our work! For those who have been following us and considered obtaining a piece, now is the final chance to get a hold of one of the very last Ornament 1 or RAW timepieces.

Ornament 1 series

The Holthinrichs Archetype

Our most classic watch with great balanced proportions.

RAW Ornament series

Horlogerie Brut

Derived from our love for early modern architecture.

Liminality series

A brutally optimistic watch

Epic forces that pierced through the dial. Featuring selectively positioned, hand-set natural diamonds, representing resilience and an unprecedented power of hope. Under pressure new beauty is formed.

We at Holthinrichs Watches pursue making objects of beauty above anything else. Timepieces as wearable art. We take inspiration from architecture, and approach our designs as a three dimensional object, a piece of miniature architecture where all components should be integrated and working together.


Our watch designs are strongly inspired by the elegant and three dimensional shapes of the Art Nouveau, clear lines and proportions, materialistic expression found in Art Deco and early modernism. Great architects like Victor Horta, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Eero Saarinen, Santiago Calatrava or car designer like Battista Farina all show us that a holistic approach, exceptional sense for spatial composition, simple but refined lines, clear materialistic expression and craftsmanship can result in pure art.

Michiel and his team developed an obsession for detailing and for the artistic expression and craftsmanship found in the ornament. The Holthinrichs Watches are therefore named after the ornament, for it does to the wrist of the wearer the same as beautiful ornaments does to the building: it is a small but powerful expression of the sophistication of a developed taste, with a strong impact on the appearance of the whole.


Stands for our approach in watchmaking, in which we utilise state-of-the-art 3D printing technology combined with artisan craftsmanship to realise our creative, ornate and sculptural watch designs. 

Through extensive experience we've discovered that pioneering with production methods meant we required extensive manual finishing to create the most convincing and appealing timepieces. An apparent contradiction that we soon started to embrace and love. No computer controlled machine can reach the flexibility of the human hand and deliver us the sharp details we want. 

In our watches we use the intrinsic beauty of textures derived from the 3D printer and smooth finishes made by the human hand as contrasting aspects that empower each other, and elevate our designs. It is our ambition to excel as a creative brand, which includes excelling in manual finishing. For this purpose we even developed our own training programs. 


Discover all available options in our Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament line and create your custom timepiece. Over the years we have developed many dial variants in various designs, metals and colours. We invite you to dive into our possibilities and see what we can build for you.

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